Project Carbon Copy by Claire Manning

Project Carbon Copy is a story made of mystery and suspense.  ProjectCarbonCopyFF

A British tourist visiting his beloved Barbados, as he does every year during Christmas time, noticed a metal box that floated to the shores of Carlisle Bay towards his direction, its contents revealed something that changed his life forever.

Own McLeod has become a witness of the ongoing biggest and most outrageous American government classified cover up operation.

Do any of you really believe that we are truly alone in this universe?
Do you think that it is possible that aliens are already living among us?
Do you think that abductees stories are real?
What could extraterrestrial plans be for Earth?
From where does today’s new technology such as Stealth Bomber, cell phone, laptops, cruise missiles, fibre optic cables etc., originate?
Read and reach your own conclusions!

Embark on a story like no other. This mystery, thriller and suspense story is for you to enjoy!

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