Goodbye, Stranger

A man who don’t want lovers. He wants enemy to take him cruelly and shake the fairy out of him. Here the extract :

« I don’t want lovers. I want an enemy to take me cruelly and shake the fairy out of me — and leave me a man — and leave me sad but wise, like a man. »
Lena would not admit that she was surprised and puzzled, so she said nothing. She scarcely ever replied, which saved her a great deal of trouble and humiliation. Surprise did not show in her face, which was set in a mould of sadness and hostility.
« You could teach me wisdom, » said Clifford. « You may not be at home in the world, but you don’t look outside it. You are an enemy to fairies. I wish I could lie in your arms and so learn wisdom. »
Lena’s heart beat more quickly. But she said nothing at all.
« Oh hell, » said Clifford. « I forgot. Two Chinese are having tea with us. I wish Daley wasn’t so damn kind. »

Daley is his wife. You can now imagine this story…
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